Voto Extranjero Giveaway - English

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Remember that next year is election year in Mexico and even if you don't reside in Mexico yo should vote. 

The process of remote vote for Mexicans is very bureaucratic but I am asking of you to please do it!

To the first people who send me proof that they are applying for their voting ID and for their voting package I will send you pins from my found slides. To the first people who send proof that you voted while abroad, I will send limited edition prints. 

Please send this files CENSORED. Do not send any personal information. The only visible information I need is the name, picture of dates. Please obscure any personal numbers. All emails should be sent to

Voting abroad requires of multiple steps, each step is an opportunity to win pins.


1. You need a Mexican Voting ID (credencial de votar) that is not expired. If you have one, you can skip to the third step. If you don't you need to apply for one by making an appointment in your nearest consulate. You will need to attend this meeting and take the three documents they ask for with one photocopy of them. To get this pin send a picture of your face next to your receipt (COMPROBANTE DE SOLICITUD INDIVIDUAL), Keep that receipt in a safe place because you will need it later. You need to do this before December 1st.


2. You will receive your ID up to three months later. You are the only person who can sign for this package. If you are not home when it arrives you can pick it up at your nearest post office. You might have to ask the post office to hold it for you. The carrier is Estafeta through your local postal service. Once you have your ID you need to confirm that you received it online or by phone. When you do so you will to have at hand  the receipt you got at the consulate and your ID. To receive a pin for this you have to send confirmation through a picture of you with your ID and a screenshot of the confirmation of receipt. You need to do this before April 30th


3. Two days later you will be entered into the list of people who can vote abroad and you will be able go online and register to vote for next year's elections. For this you will need: 

  • Your voting ID
  • Proof of  address (any bill that had your address written on it)
  • Printer
  • Camera or smartphone with camera
  • Paper and pen

 (More information on this coming soon). You need to send confirmation of this and you'll receive three pins for it.  You need to do this before March 30th.

 This image is just an example, the actual print will be anounced closer to the elections. 

This image is just an example, the actual print will be anounced closer to the elections. 

4. Once you receive your package, you have to check what it contains. Now it's time to vote! Make sure you are informed about the candidates so that your vote has the impact you wish. Once you properly mark the ballots you need to send them. To receive a limited edition print, please send a picture confirming you sent this with your face on it. Make sure who you are voting for is not visible. This has to be done by June 30th. More information on this process will be added closer to the elections.


Important information


  • The gifts will be awarded to the first 15 people who send the pictures. (this number might get higher)
  • All gifts will be sent after June 30th.
  • Please do not send sensitive information.
  • The designs will vary. 
  • The print that will be given away will be decided closer to the elections.
  • Shipping will be free to any place in the states, but will be charged to any people abroad.
  • This giveaway has no political association.

Note from Martha

As a Mexican living in New York I have dealt with the frustrating task of making sure I vote next year. I realized that the hardship of bureaucracy might deter people from voting so this is a way I thought of spark interest in Mexicans living abroad and to educate them in the process.

My budget for this giveaway is very limited, if you are kind and wish to donate, your donations will go to production and promotion, if there were to be any excess in donations, they will be donated Mano a Mano.