Collaborative Projects


Collaborative Projects


As organizer

Martha + Groana 

Along with artist Groana Melendez, Martha Naranjo Sandoval organizes platforms to showcase artists and promote critical conversations, including a series of interviews for the Camera Club of New York and the event Mexican Tertulia in conjunction with the festival Celebrate Mexico Now.


After the Fact - book

After the Fact is the follow-up to the conversations sparked by the symposium After The Fact, organized at the International Center of Photography School. The symposium explored how we process personal and political information, how we view and contextualize art, and how both fact and fiction inform our everyday realities and our senses of self. It examined the place and potential of The Event—natural disasters, encounters with works of art, acts of political resistance, the genesis of authentic love— all points of no return. What happens when we feel, live, and experience the intensities that emerge, as if out of nowhere, as miraculous forces? How do we relate to contingencies, which change the way we perceive ourselves and engage in our world?

Edited by Martha Naranjo Sandoval
Art Direction by Matthew Papa
Project management by Groana Melendez

Contributions by Jean Marie Casbarian, Nona Faustine, Alex Fialho, Katherine Hubbard, Steffani Jemison, Ivana Larrosa, Minny Lee, Bia Monteiro, Verónica Puche, Milagros de la Torre, Carrie Schneider, T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko, and Martha Wilson

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As Participant

  Laguna Sagrada , Verónica Puche 2015

Laguna Sagrada, Verónica Puche 2015

Interviews for Baxter street at the Camera Club of New York - Digital publications

Along with artist Groana Melendez, this project compiles interviews with eight artists of different mediums and backgrounds. The conversations focus on each artist's process and on how their identity shapes their practice. 

Artists interviewed
Joiri Minaya
Mario Navarro
Verónica Puche
Elle Pérez
Daniel Terna
Alejandro Yoshii
Elia Alba
Andrea Wolf

This interviews were posted in the Baxter Street at the Camera Club of New York blog during the months of October, November, and December of 2016, when Martha and Groana were their guest-bloggers.

 Image from  Indigenous Migrant Women in New York , Cinthya Santos Briones

Image from Indigenous Migrant Women in New York, Cinthya Santos Briones

Mexican Tertulia - Event

Co-organized with artists Groana Melendez in collaboration with Baxter St at CCNY and the Celebrate Mexico Now Festival. An event of 7-minute lightning talks featuring 14 artists of Mexican heritage. The evening featured a series of short talks by the artists presenting their work.

The artists who presented were Irma Bohórquez-Geisler, Paul Barcena, Benji Bustamante, Adhat Campos, Karla Carballar, Livia Corona, Gabriel Garcia Roman, Dr. Oscar Gil-García, Jessica Magallanes Martinez, Sofía Muñoz Boullosa, Alan Ruiz, Cinthya Santos Briones, Eric St. James-Lopez, and Alejandro Yoshii. 

The event took place on October 30th, 2016 at Baxter Street at the Camera Club of New York.





Everyone Is Asleep But Me

A collaborative investigation of night by twenty-four visual artists and writers.

Edited by Angelina Lin and Marisa Sottos.

Contributors include: Wimpy AF, Amy Belotti, Marc Burnett, Sasha Louis Bush, Ariel Chu, Kirstan Clifford, Mirielle Clifford, Emily Peterson Dunne, Ben Grill, Sean Fitzgerald, Julia Hoch, Carly Lovejoy, Sam Margevicius, Martha Naranjo Sandoval, Marie Louis Omme, Sara Salaway, Kat Shannon, Kristina Sumfleth, Daniel Terna, Beau Torres, Tracie Williams, and Nehama Winston


Notas al Futuro

Notas al futuro presents the photographic work of a diverse group of artists from Brazil, Colombia, France, Greenland, India, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, and the United States. New York City is the thread that weaves this creative community together – a city whose rich multi-cultural environment challenges the borders that separate us.

In this show, the artists employ various means – color abstractions, oneiric landscapes, archival interventions, straight photography, artists books and alternative printing processes — to bridge difference. We create an open dialogue through images that promotes understanding for the cultural diversity that defines us in an era of political agitation, media disorder, and uncertainty. The act of creation represents our shared humanity.

Curated by Nathalie Guio, Sofía Garfías, Verónica Puche & Miguel Winograd