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Petén 411

Petén 411 is an apartment building located in the Narvarte neighborhood in Mexico City; my family refers to it as just “Petén”. My mother comes from a numerous family, 9 siblings to be exact. The history of my family’s inhabitance of “Petén” goes back to the 60s, when the oldest sibling started renting one of the smallest apartments while she attended med school. As the other siblings started immigrating to the city, they began to move in and out of different apartments in the building, only two of them never did. My mother was the last sibling to live there, occupying the biggest and brightest of the apartments, Apartment 1. I grew up there with my parents, my brother, and an aunt until I was 7. I remember some parts of it vividly, others very dimly, most of it I probably don’t remember and just store some imagination of it. We moved out in 1995 to the suburbs of Mexico City. I remember that day as my first big loss. “Petén” never belonged to us, and yet it’s impossible to tell my family’s story without talking about it. 

6" x 4" C-prints, archival tape




Modified archival prints, glue, and string.




Archival print hand-made zine

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