How this has to be told


How this has to be told digs into family photos and mementos to question how much they reveal and how much they silence. The project consists of light mobiles, collages and a 35mm slideshow.



I'm afraid this is how it is


8 modified archival prints and a bulldog clip



The mexican family


Found slide, loupe, cut crystal glass and desk lamp



Various Paper Collages


Modified archival prints, glue, and string.




Online story-telling scroll made with pictures found my iphone. It tells the story of my life in the last days of 2015 and the first days of 2016.



Petén 411


Archival print hand-made zine



Lost, Lost, Lost: You, You, You


Slideshow consisting of a carrousel of 40 slides and a reading performance.



Vacío para Compartir (Emptiness for Two)


Short film about two siblings, Ofelia and Arturo, who fight for the authorship of a story which she lived and he wrote. The film begins when she returns to his department, where both used to live together, to retrieve her belongings and the situation that this confrontation triggers.


A propósito del Dr. Alfonso Sandoval (About Dr. Alfonso Sandoval)


Short documentary that tells the story of one of the most important figures in my life: my maternal grandfather. The story is told by the improvised reenactment of his life by four of his daughters. 


Autorretrato con extraños y uno que otro conocido (Self-portrait with strangers and one and other acquaintance)


"Soy lo que quiero ser y lo que acabo siendo quiera o no."
(I am what I want to be and what I end up being whether I like it or not)

Short video that remixes found and appropriated images and footage to paint a self-portrait. 


The projects and pieces in this page constitute a selection of work, you can always ask to see more here.