Emptiness for Two


Emptiness for Two (Vacío para compartir) is a short film directed by Martha Naranjo Sandoval.

Two siblings, Ofelia and Arturo, fight for the authorship of a story which she lived and he wrote. The film begins when she returns to his department, where both used to live together, to retrieve her belongings and the situation that this confrontation triggers.

Directed and written by Martha Naranjo Sandoval.
Starring Alexis de Anda and Antón Araiza.
Produced by Andrea Toca.
Assintant Director Irene Melis.
Cinematography by Tamara Argamasilla.
Film Editing by Melanie Haslam.
Sound by Toyomi Maquita.
Sound Mix by Luis Enrique Morales.
Art Direction by Aline Enríquez.
Costume Design by Jocelyn Corona.
Music by Fernando Heftye. 
Poster by Martín Pech.

Thesis project for Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión, 2012.