Machine by Ari Marcopoulos

8-channel video contraption that includes 8 15 minute videos edited by Martha Naranjo Sandoval.



Untitled video for ATH Kids performance at DESTE by Kara Walker

For the ATH performance at the Deste Foundation Hydra Slaughterhouse, Kara Walker collaged videos from the news with videos from her installation "A Subtlety". Martha Naranjo Sandoval provided additional editing for the video. 



Gong Co TV video for Christian Patterson

Montage, editing, visual effects and vintage TV mechanism by Martha Naranjo Sandoval. Long loop featuring old ads. Part of the installation for the project Gong Co.



re-measuring the dry land by BIA MONTEIRO

Edited by Martha Naranjo Sandoval



Album cover for Young Bugs Die Young

Young Bugs Die Young by Young Bugs, 2017. 

Paper collage by Martha Naranjo Sandoval. 


Music videos