After the Fact


Edited by Martha Naranjo Sandoval
Art Direction by Matthew Papa
Project management by Groana Melendez

Contributions by Jean Marie Casbarian, Nona Faustine,
Alex Fialho,Katherine Hubbard,Steffani Jemison,
Ivana Larrosa, Minny Lee, Bia Monteiro, Veronica Puche,
Milagros de la Torre,Carrie Schneider,
T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko, and Martha Wilson.



As a teenager, I had the shocking realization that many of my dreams and fantasies were not the products of my own imagination but rather of films I had seen when I was very young. I developed a profound skepticism about the meaning of images but also an understanding of their potential power. I work with video, photography, archive, collage, and light sculptures. I like to push the boundaries of images and see how far I can take them so I learn more about them.


She is a 1989 born artist from Mexico City, currently New York based.